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Dirham Oud By Ard Al Zaafaran - 100ml EDP Spray (Unisex)

Dirham Oud By Ard Al Zaafaran - 100ml EDP Spray (Unisex)


Dirham Oud by Ard Al Zaafaran is a fresh, vital perfume with floral notes and a slightly woody base for men and women.
The idea that women should smell of delicate florals and a man of creamy wood is outdated and overruled by the rise of unisex fragrances. Here is one of them. This fragrance is made specially for you. It is perfect for any occasion
This fragrance is too beautiful to be a real gem, in fact you will want to display them for all to see by wearing it. The fragrance will add a touch of distinction to any living space and are ideal to use at home and office. Whenever you need a quick burst of your favourite perfume there is no better way then Ard Al Zaafaran.
Dirham Oud is a nice everyday fragrance, spreading freshness and positive energy

  • Top Notes: bergamot, jasmine, rose, vetiver and sandalwood
  • Middle Notes: citrus and vanilla
  • Base Notes: sweet citrus and pineapple
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: 100ml
  • Contains denatured alcohol (halal)
  • Spray nozzle
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